Sunday, April 8, 2007

One Day to go before the build starts

Its the early hours of Easter Monday 2007, our digger man Ivor arrives Tuesday 10th April 2007, he will start clearing the top soil, marking out the house footprint and then dig out the footings. I cleared our garden today and had to take our childrens trampoline down. We may be able to put it back up once the top soil has been shifted around.


Rob said...

Go Barclays Go! Best of luck to you all, from those of us down the street... may cob fill your lives with wonder, gorgeous curves and wam summer evenings stood on top of cob walls....
Emma, Rob and the Gang

Burton Danes said...

This is so exciting!

Did you see our pictures of the houses and churches carved from inside the rock in Turkey? They reminded us of cob. They included organically shaped tables with benches, alcoves and sleeping areas.

We thought of you guys when we saw them.

Jelley said...

Well done guys what a fantastic thing to have on the internet.
You must be sooo excited.
Happy birthday to Mia for the 13th April.
We are at the stage of putting tin on the outside walls then we are at lock up stage.
We miss you all lots.
love from us in Oz
Love Melynnda, Brendan and Melynnda

Negi said...

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