Sunday, May 20, 2007

Couple of hours off to watch the FA Cup final 2007 Chelsea 1 Man U 0 .........

Stone facing work starts

Its a great feeling building with natural stones, the stones were from our neighbours Phil & Valeries old cottage dating back medievil times.

Making way for our drains

A day of rain but it does not stop us from digging a trench to prepare for the laying of our drains into the house

Capping off the plinth wall

Toby constructing the door openings and working out the 101 ways you need to put in the damp proof course
Its a good feeling when you start capping the plinth wall. As Henry would say in Polish "dzien dobry" means good morning


Henry just arranged the different size stones around the building in readiness for the stone facing work

Ground floor slab laid down

Ground floor insulation

150 mm of insulation laid onto the sand blinding
150 mm of insulation slotted in between the inner and outer walls

Radon and damp proof membrane

Radon and damp proof membrane laid down, even though a good shower overnight makes it look like a swimmimg pool